ESG Rules

Release time:2023-06-09

Sino Biopharmaceutical adheres to the mission of " Science for a healthier world " and the values of " Integrity, Foresight, Innovation, Commitment, Efficiency, Collaboration". We are committed to practicing the natural mission of pharmaceutical people to the society, and seeking happiness for a wider range of patients through continuous high-level innovation.  


Compliance with Local Regulatory Requirements
Sino Biopharmaceutical strictly abides by local laws and regulations, adheres to compliance operation, and is committed to creating a sustainable development model of win-win for enterprises, society and the environment.


Intellectual property protection  
Driven by innovation and research, Sino Biopharmaceutical attaches great importance to intellectual property protection.  At the same time, we respect the intellectual property rights (IPR) of any third party in order to promote the healthy development of the industry's R&D environment.  We have formulated IPR related management systems and standardized related management work.


Product quality and safety management  
Sino Biopharmaceutical regards product quality and safety as the lifeline of the enterprise.  We build a quality assurance system covering the whole life cycle of drug research and development, material procurement, production and packaging, storage and transportation, product sales and product after-sales. We regularly carry out internal audit, cooperate with external audit, set high standards for ourselves in the industry, and constantly improve the quality and safety management level and performance.  We formulate quality and safety related management systems and standardize related management work.  


Access to health care  
Sino Biopharmaceutical adheres to the business philosophy of "enabling more patients to obtain drugs and more diseases to be treated", and ensures that patients' needs are the core of drug research and development and industrialization to provide patients with more and more accessible drugs.  We believe that continuing to promote access to medicines can bring more stable and sustainable value to the enterprise.  


Bioethical Standard  
Chinese Biopharmaceutical adheres to bioethical standards across all research projects.  We are committed to alleviating suffering and adhere to the ethics and code of conduct laid down by the regulatory authorities in our research and development.


Data Security and Privacy
Sino Biopharmaceutical attaches great importance to the information security and privacy protection of customers and partners, and strictly abides by Chinese laws and regulations on information security.  We formulate data and privacy security management measures and employee code of conduct and other systems, requiring all employees to abide by the principle of information confidentiality, and adopt information management mode to control the risk of information disclosure.


Business Ethics and Anti-corruption
Sino Biopharmaceutical promises to follow business ethics standards, strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations, and have zero tolerance for any form of corruption.  We have formulated anti-commercial bribery and whistle-blower protection systems to standardize internal supervision and handling procedures and strengthen business ethics management.


Environmental protection
Sino Biopharmaceutical adheres to the concept of green development and is committed to building an environment-friendly enterprise.  We adhere to compliance with emissions and reduce the environmental impact of our operations.  We actively promote low-carbon transformation, and work with industrial chain partners to continuously explore and expand the application of renewable energy.


Health and Safety
Sino Biopharmaceutical is committed to providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment and regards employee health and safety as the premise of production and operation.  We firmly abide by the safety production laws and regulations, with strict safety standards to carry out the design, construction and operation management of the production base.


Employee Right and Welfare
Sino Biopharmaceutical firmly protects the legitimate rights and interests of its employees, forbids the use of child labor and all forms of harassment or forced labor.  We promise not to discriminate against or treat employees differently based on their nationality, nationality, origin, gender, age, physical characteristics, interests, religious beliefs and other factors.
We respect the rights and interests of female employees, formulate policies on maternity leave, breast-feeding leave and parental leave, and create and build a safe, healthy and belonging working environment for female employees.  We formulate employee handbook and other systems to standardize related management.
Our employees are entitled to nursing leave in accordance with the law.  At the same time, we provide flexible working hours for employees. Employees can decide their working hours within a certain range on the basis of ensuring the working hours stipulated by the labor law.  We believe this helps employees better balance their work and personal lives.


Talent retention and development
Sino Biopharmaceutical adheres to the principle of people-oriented, regarding employees as the cornerstone of enterprise longevity, looking forward to sharing development achievements with employees and creating a better future  
We are committed to providing employees with competitive compensation and benefits in the industry and in the region.  We continue to build high-quality talent team, and constantly improve staff vocational training and development path.  We value employees' opinions and constantly improve employee satisfaction.


Diversity and Inclusion
Sino Biopharmaceutical is committed to building a diversified and inclusive corporate culture.  We believe that a diverse talent team can create more constructive ideas with interaction between the members, and an equal and inclusive working environment can inspire more positive work enthusiasm.  

Sino Biopharmaceutical sets high standards for its ESG work and follows them throughout the company's operations.  We prohibit all forms of violation of the management system, and establish a corresponding punishment mechanism.  We firmly believe that our values can guide us to always do the right thing and achieve long-term value in a complex and changing environment.