About Us

About Us

Jiangsu Chia tai Qingjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Chia Tai Qing Jiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is one of the most well-known R&D and production bases of orthopedic drugs and pediatric anti-infective drugs in China. Its predecessor was founded in 1970, and it has become a high-tech enterprise and a leading innovator in Jiangsu Province.

Chia Tai Qing Jiang has a dozen GMP production lines such as tablets, capsules and dropping pills, etc., among which, the dosage form of dropping pills has filled a gap in Jiangsu Province. Production lines for products such as gels and small-volume injections will soon be put into use.

The company's main products include glucosamine hydrochloride tablets, Yishen Juanbi pills, risedronate sodium capsules and other orthopedic drugs, cefaclor and bromhexine hydrochloride tablets, dry suspension, cefaclor for suspensions and other anti-infection drugs, as well as Qingkailing dropping pills, Yinxiang granules and other special products. “Chia Tai Jiuli® glucosamine hydrochloride tablets” and “Chia Tai Suke® cefaclor and bromhexine hydrochloride for suspension” won the title of “Jiangsu Province famous brand products”.

The rapid development and honest operations of Chia Tai Qing Jiang have earned the company a good reputation and won it wide recognition and support from people from all walks of life. The company has won the honorary titles of “Jiangsu manufacturing outstanding contribution award”; “Jiangsu Province excellent enterprise in management innovation”; “Customer satisfaction service enterprise in Jiangsu Province”; “Jiangsu Province enterprise culture excellent award”, etc. Chia Tai Qing Jiang is one of the “Top 30 taxpaying enterprises in Huai'an City” and has made important contributions to local economic development in the region.

Chia Tai Qing Jiang intends to pay more and more attention to the divisions of chronic diseases and pediatrics, strengthen its core competitiveness, and develop a huge health industry with the help of superior corporate resources. Aspiring to development oriented by innovation, Chia Tai Qing Jiang will constantly strive to build itself into a large modern pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates R&D, production, and sales.